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Termax’s unique “coining” process is applied to the wings of the clip providing additional control of extraction efforts.

Termax’s U-Based Fasteners will provide you with a robust engineering solution for all your fastening needs. Clips are available in a variety of “set-up heights”, sizes and configurations. Termax U-Based Fasteners offer low insertion and a wide range of controlled extraction forces.


Termax’s ability to control extraction efforts (via coining), gives you options without changing your tools. Instead, Termax can offer you essentially the same clip with a modified coin that increases and decreases the extraction efforts.

Wide Selection

Clips offered: – in different heights and width – in different set-up heights – for attaching to plastics or metals – for various hole sizes – in a variety of finishes and colors – with different controlled extraction forces

Aggressive Barbs

Termax U-Based Fasteners are designed with aggressive barbs. These barbs have excellent retention to a wide variety of materials.




Lock Top Feature

Double thickness of metal, tabbed on the side nearly eliminates movement in the body of the clip. This feature makes the clip very robust during installation.


Termax’s High Retention Clips will provide you with a robust engineering solution for your high retention needs. Clips are available in a variety of “set up heights” and “foot prints”.

Narrow “Tip”

Provides a generous lead in for ease of assembly.


Removal of the fastener from the slot can be accomplished by “pinching” the opposing tabs together.


Termax’s unique “coining” process is applied to the wings of the clip providing additional control of extraction efforts.

Prevailing Torque Tabs

Eliminates the concern of the screw backing out over time.


The two-winged design provides lower extraction values. Two-wings also reduces the opportunity for a partial installation that is inherent with the conventional four-winged design.



Termax’s Water Seal clips provide the complete dust, air and water seal fastener that you were looking for…without the foam gaskets! The unique, proprietary design allows you to attach your part while not having to worry about dust, air or water intrusion. These clips are offered in various sizes, materials, orientations, styles and set up heights.


3 Pc Pillar Cap Water Sealing


Exo – Sealing


2 Pc Dyna Sealing


High Retention Sealing


2 Pc Birds Beak Sealing


Umbrella Sealing


Termax’s Plastic Fasteners offer reliable, dependable and proven solutions. A wide variety of styles are available; from small Arrow-Head clips to large Arrow-Head clips, from small compact Birds Beak clips to larger Birds Beak Clips. FLEXIBILITY…Termax Plastic Fasteners attach to your part in a variety of ways providing a variety of engineering solutions.


Robust Termax Arrow-Head Fasteners are ergonomically friendly, forgiving and very durable.

Attachment Method: Clip Rib (with window).



Energy Absorption Birds Beaks

Termax offers Birds Beak Fasteners with tips that absorb and distribute more energy prior to breakage.

Conventional Birds Beak

Termax offers Birds Beak Fasteners with conventional tips as well as the “Energy Absorbing” tips.



Termax’s Magnets are designed to be robust and a flexible solution when traditional fastening methods are not possible. Termax Magnets are available in various holding strengths, shapes and sizes. Magnet fasteners provide “zero” insertion efforts while providing reliable and consistent extraction force. Magnets are the perfect solution when hidden fasteners are required.


Variety of Shapes

Termax Magnet assemblies come in an array of shapes (including circular and bar magnets).

Customized Carriers

Our experienced team can help you create the carrier that best fits your application. This includes but is not limited to Glued Carriers, Sonic welded Carriers, Infrared Welded Carriers, snapped in doghouses, etc…


Variety of Holding Forces

Termax magnet assemblies are offered in a wide range of holding forces.

Excellent Retention

Termax Magnet assemblies are built with a unique sonic staking process. This created high retention between the Magnet and the Carrier as well as excellent articulation (where applicable).



Termax’s Tether Clips offer everything you need for vehicle components interfacing with air curtains. Our Tether Clips allow your part to move thus allowing the air curtain to deploy, without becoming a projectile. Termax Tether Clips are a proven, reliable, durable and serviceable solution. Tethers are available in a two piece or one piece design.



Other Tethers destroy the part or its environment during service. Termax Tethers provide a solution that can be serviced without being destructive to the part or the environment.


Moldable Features

For either styles (one or two piece design) the doghouses are common moldable features.

Tether Allows for Travel

The length of the Tether allows your part to travel over 5 inches!



Termax Tethers withstand a load of 70lbs in cold temperatures and 90lbs in ambiant.


Termax is not limited to the specific categories outlined in this book. We offer fastening solutions ranging from common push nuts, J-clips, and S-clips to the more unique and customized solutions like one sided clips, barrel clips, U-clips for wide slots, wire clips and rosettes. If you have a fastening need, Termax can provide your engineering solution.

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Many of our products shown above started as a custom fastener to address a specific fastening need for our customers. If you do not see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to develop the engineering solution you are looking for. Contact us today!



U&J Nuts

We are excited to offer you a wide selection of U&J Nuts. By combining the experience and product lines of Lisi and Termax, U&J Nuts are available in various thread sizes, shapes, and configurations that cover a variety of applications.

Torque Flexibility

Torque features are available as single thread, twin thread, or threaded barrel depending on the torque requirement needed.

Retention Features

U&J Nuts are available with retention features to ensure proper engagement with the panel.

Wire, Cable & Tube Clips

Wire, Cable & Tube Clips

Termax Wire, Cable & Tube Clips are offered in a wide variety of materials, sizes, complexity and configurations. Our experienced and innovative team have developed solutions for a wide range of applications - and developing more all the time. Whether it is an off the shelf solution or a new design, Termax is ready.

Plastic Solutions

Variety of plastic clip solutions that are able to attach to many different hole sizes and panel thicknesses.

Metal Solutions

Metal clips are designed to arrach to ribs or panels in multiple thicknesses.



Metal and Plastic clips are available for wires and cables of different quantities as well as different diameters for use across the entire vehicle.

Plastic Nuts & Rivets

Plastic Nuts & Rivets

Termax Plastic Nuts & Rivets are available in many shapes and sizes, depending on the application. Plastic Rivets can encompass a large range of panel thicknesses and hole sizes, as well as varying retention forces. Plastic Nuts are produced in multiple materials suited for different vehicle environments. The wide selection of Plastic Nuts & Rivets allows for flexibility in use all across the vehicle.


Plastic nuts are available in sealing and non sealing versions. Sealing nuts will be overmolded with rubber for maximum sealing capability.



Rivet Removal Features

Rivets have features for removal and service that vary from screw out, pull out, and not removable.